Lindsey Jewelers Since 1975

Lindsey Jewelers Since 1975
Custom Jewelery Design & Manufacturing since 1975
By appointment at our Lake Oswego Studio
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Asher cut diamond with trilion & baguette accents          ladies radiant cut diamond with trillion accents
Custom made Asscher and Radiant Cut Diamond rings set in Platinum and 18K White Gold

Kevin Lindsey has mastered all aspects of making jewelery over the past thirty three years. Custom made jewelery is a specialty. Whether recycling an inherited or out dated piece, or starting with a new idea, the perfect mounting can be made. Here are some other projects.
My wife Shannon has made some crocheted silver and natural gemstone bead jewelery which can be seen here.

As a pioneer, Kevin began the task of developing the technique for TIG (tungsten inert gas) arc welding for precious metals. After much experimentation a successful process was found and refined for micro scale use. The process creates a solid fused joint without the need for traditional precious metal solders. All metals including karat gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver, argentium silver, titanium, bronze, brass, copper, tungsten carbide, stainless, chromium, cobalt steel, and others, can be welded. If you have need for an experienced metalsmith or questions regarding how to implement TIG as a solution for your business, please contact us by phone or email. Take a look at my TIG welding page.